Friday, August 14, 2020

October's Warning

We must learn to trust each other and the God in each other to receive what God is saying. The Watchmen are sounding the alarm be we are saying they have missed God. There are no Big I's and No little U's in the Body of Christ. Each Joint is needed to do what they were created to do.The Warning is to come together in unity!!!!! Come and Let us reason together. What do you hear the Lord saying? Now Let us look at Famine, It is something that all true Intercessors, Prophets, and men and women of God have been hearing in the Spirit for the last 3-4 years. Some thought we missed it, others thought we were crazy. Sound the Alarm!!!! And Prepare!!!! But know this: a Famine is coming to the United States.

The Word the Lord gave me was to Prepare for famine in the time of Harvest, and in the time of Famine prepare for Harvest. As Bishop T. D. Jakes would say" Get Ready, Get Ready". The Body of Christ must prepare!!!!!! Praise in the midst of both times to freeze the enemy and to give God Glory. We still have an expected end!!!!!! We must know the signs of the times. For this Famine whether it be gas, food, water, The Word, or air it is going to drive people who are without hope straight to the Church. Will she be ready? Jesus is coming back soon and we have no time to waist in being a prepare bride for our bride groom. You ask how can this happen in the Land of Plenty? Well, that is easy. In the time of war( we are in the time of war right?)

Our source of gas is being hindered, You may say we are nearing the famine stage where it will be impossible to afford it. If we depend on other countries for our food supply the same thing will happen, If our water system were to be contaminated what would we drink? remember the poisoned water wells in the Bible? If they dropped bombs and contaminated our air what would we breath and how would the plants live? Because if it is in the air then it will surely settle on the land. We must pray against theses spirits and stand fast in the the Faith: The spirit of destruction, the spirit of sabotage, and the spirit of death. As you study to show yourself approved God is going to reveal to you just what He wants you to know, Your piece to the puzzle. So enjoy and please search out the scriptures and know that God is still yet speaking.


FAMINE The first mentioned in Scripture was so grievous as to compel Abraham to go down to the land of Egypt (Genesis 26:1). Another is mentioned as having occurred in the days of Isaac, causing him to go to Gerar (Genesis 26:1, 17). But the most remarkable of all was that which arose in Egypt in the days of Joseph, which lasted for seven years (Genesis 41-45). Famines were sent as an effect of God's anger against a guilty people (2 Kings 8:1-2; Amos 8:11; Deut. 28:22-42; 2 Samuel 21:1; 2 Kings 6:25-28; 2 Kings 25:3; Jeremiah 14:15; Jeremiah 19:9; Jeremiah 42:17, etc.). A famine was predicted by Agabus (Acts 11:28). Josephus makes mention of the famine which occurred A.D. 45. Helena, queen of Adiabene, being at Jerusalem at that time, procured corn from Alexandria and figs from Cyprus for its poor inhabitants.

FAMINE Fact. To be severe in the last days. Rev. 6:5-6 Predicted in last days. Will be intensified. Luke 21:11

FAMINE Sent by God. Psalm 10:16 Often on account of sin. Leviticus 26:21, 26; Lament. 4:4-6 One of Gods four sore judgments. Ezekiel 14:21

CAUSED BY. God's blessing withheld. Hosea 2:8-9; Haggai 1:6 Want of seasonable rain. 1 Kings 17:1; Jeremiah 14:1-4; Amos 4:7 Rotting of the seed in the ground. Joel 1:17 Swarms of insects. Deut. 28:38, 42; Joel 1:4 Blasting and mildew. Amos 4:9; Haggai 2:17 Devastation by enemies. Deut. 28:33, 51 Often long continued. Genesis 41:27; 2 Kings 8:1-2 Often severe. Genesis 12:10; 1 Kings 18:2; Jeremiah 52:6

EXPRESSED BY. Taking away the stay of bread. Isaiah 3:1 Cleanness of Teeth. Amos 4:6 The arrows of famine. Ezekiel 5:16 Often accompanied by war. Jeremiah 14:15; Jeremiah 29:18 Often followed by pestilence. Jeremiah 42:17; Ezekiel 7:15; Matthew 24:7

THINGS EATEN DURING. Wild herbs. 2 Kings 4:39-40 Ass's flesh. 2 Kings 6:25 Dung. 2 Kings 6:25; Lament. 4:5 Human flesh. Leviticus 26:29; 2 Kings 6:28-29 Provisions sold by weight during. Ezekiel 4:16 Suffering of brute creation from. Jeremiah 14:5-6 CAUSED. Burning and fever. Deut. 32:24 Blackness of the skin. Lament. 4:8; Lament. 5:10 Grief and mourning. Joel 1:11-13 Faintness. Genesis 47:13 Wasting of the body. Lament. 4:8; Ezekiel 4:17 Death. 2 Kings 7:4; Jeremiah 11:22 God provided for his people during. 1 Kings 17:4, 9; Job 5:20; Psalm 33:19; Psalm 37:19

INSTANCES OF, IN SCRIPTURE. In the days of Abraham. Genesis 12:10 In the days of Isaac. Genesis 26:1 In the days of Joseph. Genesis 41:53-56 In the day of the Judges. Ruth 1:1 In the reign of David. 2 Samuel 21:1 In the reign of Ahab. 1 Kings 17:1; 1 Kings 18:5 In the time of Elisha. 2 Kings 4:38 During the siege of Samaria. 2 Kings 6:25 Of seven years foretold by Elisha. 2 Kings 8:1 In the time of Jeremiah. Jeremiah 14:1 During the siege of Jerusalem. 2 Kings 25:3 After the captivity. Neh. 5:3 In the reign of Claudius Caesar. Acts 11:28 Before destruction of Jerusalem. Matthew 24:7 The Jews in their restored state not to be afflicted by. Ezekiel 36:29-30

ILLUSTRATIVE OF. A dearth of the means of grace. Amos 8:11-12 Destruction of idols. Zeph. 2:11

"PATRICIA G.HARRIS" wrote: Good Morning Sis. Shana, I pray you're having a blessed birthday month & that you're celebrating to the fullest. First chance you get, will you give me some insight on famine. If this was to manifest in the United States, in this day & age how do you think it would happen; this being the land of plenty.